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K&L Timber Floor is derived from natural materials and elaborate process. A wide variety of products are available, which can meet all your needs. The visual feast and usage enjoyment starts when K&L Timber Floor paves your room. K&L Timber Floor are rooted in Melbourne, and spread all over Australia. The guaranteed quality and competitive price are our vantages, with the aid of K&L Timber Floor headquarters and its factory. The considerate customer service is offered as well. By great effort of many years, K&L Timber Floor is well reviewed by more and more customers. Now K&L Timber Floor is becoming the market leader of flooring supply in Australia. Best quality with lowest price, what are you hesitant about now? K&L Timber Floor will never let you down.

Why we Choose China?

  • Very rich bamboo resource. There are 30 genera and more than 400 varieties. And bamboo is sustainable resource. The area and output of bamboo forests in China ranks the first in the world.
  • Pretty experienced in bamboo flooring. Bamboo floor appeared in China in 1980s and the technique got maturity in 1990s. Most of bamboo floor in China are inclined to export. It is very popular among international customers, due to the high precision of process and the steady quality.
  • Reasonable price here. Cheap labor makes the cost low. Besides, China’s government encourages the export by drawback. All these will make the price more competitive.

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